Top Breweries in Downtown Frederick: A Distiller’s Guide



If you’re searching for the best breweries in downtown Frederick, Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. Downtown Frederick is not just known for its historic charm and vibrant arts scene—it’s also a hotspot for craft beer lovers. Here’s your guide to exploring the top breweries in downtown Frederick, each offering unique brews and distinct atmospheres.



1. Attaboy Beer



Address: 400 Sagner Ave, Frederick, MD 21701
Website: Attaboy Beer
Among the breweries in downtown Frederick, Attaboy Beer stands out for its relaxed, warehouse-style ambiance by Carroll Creek. Known for its lively beer garden and welcoming pet policy, Attaboy provides an array of both traditional and innovative beers.



2. Idiom Brewing Co.



Address: 340 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701
Website: Idiom Brewing Co.
Idiom Brewing Co. enriches the scene of breweries in downtown Frederick with its inventive approach to beer making. Known for experimenting with ingredients and techniques, it’s a hotspot for those looking to experience new and exciting flavors.



3. Midnight Run Brewing



Address: 912 N East St, Frederick, MD 21701
Website: Midnight Run Brewing
For bold beer aficionados, Midnight Run Brewing is a standout among breweries in downtown Frederick. Known for high-ABV and complex flavor profiles, this brewery is ideal for those seeking to push the boundaries of traditional beer flavors.



4. Olde Mother Brewing Co.



Address: 526 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701
Website: Olde Mother Brewing Co.
As a staple among the breweries in downtown Frederick, Olde Mother Brewing Co. boasts a cozy taproom where creativity meets tradition. With a focus on crafting innovatively tweaked beers, this spot is perfect for enjoying live music and local events.



5. RAK Brewing



Address: 400 Sagner Ave, Frederick, MD 21701



Website: RAK Brewing



Nestled among downtown Frederick’s finest breweries, the brewery is dedicated to crafting exceptional beers with unmatched artistry. Embracing traditional methods while innovating with bold flavors, they meticulously brew each batch to create timeless classics and exciting new tastes. The brewery invites enthusiasts to savor unforgettable experiences, celebrating the soul of craftsmanship in every pour.



6. Rockwell Brewery



Address: 880 N East St Suite 201, Frederick, MD 21701



Website: Rockwell Brewery

Rockwell Brewery adds to the rich tapestry of breweries in downtown Frederick with its community-focused ethos. Offering a diverse beer selection, Rockwell emphasizes quality, making it a local favorite for collaborations and community events.



7. Steinhardt Brewing



Address: 340 E Patrick St, Unit #4, Frederick, MD 21701



Website: Steinhardt Brewing



Steinhardt Brewing is dedicated to authentic German beer crafting. Their taproom is an educational dive into traditional brewing methods and is a treat for anyone who appreciates well-made beer.






Exploring the breweries in downtown Frederick offers an adventure into the world of craft beer where tradition meets innovation. Each brewery provides a unique experience, ensuring that everyone can find their favorite brew spot in the heart of Frederick. Remember to sip responsibly and consider arranging safe transportation as you enjoy the best of what downtown Frederick has to offer.



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